The Annual Wildebeest Migration

The annual wildebeest migration is a natural phenomenon where over two million wildebeest and two hundred thousand Zebra and opportunistic predators make a yearly sojourn from southern Serengeti in Tanzania to Maasai Mara in search of food. The incredible herds gather in the southern Serengeti Ndutu area between December and March where there are nutritious and mineral rich grasses for their annual bathing ritual. Having exhausted the short grasses, they embark on a natural, instinct guided movement due northwest to reach western Serengeti/ grumeti area in June then further north to enter Kenya’s Maasai Mara from mid-July where they stay until September. Depending on the rains and grasses the animals scatter and start their southerly return journey any time from mid-September to mid-October. They may be seen in the Serengeti’s Mara and Seronera area between October and November before congregating again in the southern Serengeti Ndutu area from December to March for a repeat performance. NB: it is not a strictly predictable path and minor or substantial variations may be experienced every year but not the drama; their most incredible moments remain the Mara river crossings where columns upon columns scamper into the river to satisfy this genetically controlled hibernation. Massive Nile crocodiles lie in their wait craving a feast felling many a victim, and others drown. It is a magical site to behold, one of the most amazing wildlife spectacles on earth and considered the 8th wonder of the natural world.

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