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Safari DMC Limited (sometimes hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY, OPERATOR or TOUR OPERATOR) acts only as an agent for 3rd Party Suppliers of tourism services and similar (sometimes hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER or SUPPLIERS). Such services may include but not be limited to:

  1. ACCOMMODATION (at Hotels, Lodges, Camps, Guest houses, ‘Bed & breakfasts’),
  2. RESTAURANT SERVICES (at local, international, specialty restaurants),
  3. TRANSPORTATION (by vehicle, airplane, row or speed boat, dhow, launch or cruise),
  4. GUIDING (Tour Leader, Professional Guide, Driver/guide or local Specialist Guide),
  5. ACTIVITIES (adventure activities; mountain, rock and/or volcano climbing; road, sea or air transportation; wild game viewing drives; nature or bush walks; community visits; habituated primates tracking; whitewater rafting; bungee jumping; row or speed boat, dhow, launch or cruise liner riding; cycling; quad biking; motorbike riding; driving; horse riding; camel riding; watersports; fishing; deep sea fishing; scuba diving:
  6. INCIDENTALS SERVICES (including insurance, community & volunteering service)

The company packages any one or more such services together into Tour Packages for sale to any interested persons, hereinafter referred to as (TOURIST, CLIENT or GUEST) whether a foreigner or resident person of the country in which the company operates.

SafariDMC’s Booking/Payment Policy and Cancellation Policy are designed to reflect and pass on the said Third Party Suppliers’ Booking Terms & Conditions and her own business. SafariDMC cannot be held responsible for any acts, omissions or commissions by such third party suppliers in the provision of the said services.

Gorilla, and Chimpanzee, Tracking Permits are limited in number and sold on a first come first served basis. They sell fast and run out fast; the only way to guarantee availability is buying. We normally request our guests to pre-pay in advance so we buy them on their behalf subject to availability. Once bought, gorilla permits are virtually none refundable and non-transferrable to another person. Children below 15yrs and 12yrs are not allowed on Gorilla Tracking and Chimpanzee Tracking respectively. We can however arrange alternative activities for them on request.

Many tour services’ prices vary seasonally both within the year and from year to year. All the company’s Tour Packages include an indicated Price and a validity period. Tour Prices are valid strictly under the conditions indicated in the proposal including the provided itinerary, the featured hotels and lodges, mode of transport, type of vehicle, the period of travel, number of tour participants, the Inclusions and the Exclusions. Any changes to these parameters warrant revision of the calculated tour price accordingly.

Whilst every effort will be made to honor given prices both before and after the tour is confirmed, we reserve the right to review the rates in the event of unexpected currency exchange fluctuation, concession/WMA fees increase, tax increases, fuel increase or any other events beyond our control that affect our ability to deliver on the tour. Notwithstanding, SafariDMC commits to do everything within her power to honor her given rates or at the minimum seek and assist her guests to find appropriate alternatives

Some of activities preferred by tourists may include inherent risks or danger. They include but are not limited to Mountain Climbing, Watersports, Nature/Bush Walks, Primates Tracking Excursions, Zip lining and the Nyungwe Canopy Walk. The COMPANY or her third party supplier partners take reasonable care and precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of the guests is held paramount and/or to inform, assist, warn or deter guests from undertaking such activities. Guests are also expected to exercise due care and common sense, and to at all times follow the advice and instruction of their Guide. At no time does the COMPANY, her agents or staff coerce, persuade or unduly influence guests to undertake any such activities. The COMPANY does not accept any responsibility nor can it be held responsible for any physical, mental or bodily injury, harm or death that may occur as a result of the client’s undertaking or participating in any such activities provided by a third party supplier.

Safari DMC Limited covers all her clients on the AMREF/Flying Doctors’ medical emergency evacuation cover. This guarantees the clients that should a medical emergency of a health nature happen to any of our guests while on safari in the remote corners of Africa, they can be airlifted from wherever they may be and taken to Nairobi where health facilities of an international standard are found.

NB: the AMREF/Flying Doctors’ medical emergency evacuation cover does not include cost of hospitalization. Guests are therefore advised to ensure they have their own, worldwide health insurance cover activated before commencing travel. Please contact any of our, SafariDMC’s Tour Consultant should you need help in this regard.

The company guarantees to act ethically, fairly and in good faith; to be honest, not misrepresent facts or act deceitfully; to serve the reasonable best interests of the client. The company hereby guarantees it has the ability to and warrants it shall, subject to receiving payment from the client and the above clauses, provide the services shown in her proposed Tour Packages within the reasonable expectations of the guest.

The availability status of accommodation and any other services in a proposed Tour Package are subject to change. They can only be confirmed through booking and paying for the services after a tour deposit is received by the company. While Safari DMC Limited makes every reasonable effort to secure the services as proposed, the company reserves the right to substitute any mentioned services with similar or higher category ones in case of overbookings and unavailability.

Most Tourism Services are oftentimes subject to sold out and waitlisted status and/or overbooking and closed sales. These services may include but not be limited to be they Accommodation, Restaurant seats and specific Menus, preferred Driver/guide, Tour Leader and/or Vehicle, Tourism Activity, seats on schedule Flights, Boats or Cruises or specific Times and Equipment on chartered private services Whilst every effort shall be made to secure your preferred service on your preferred terms, the same cannot be guaranteed nor can the company be held responsible for unavailability or waitlisted status of services not previously confirmed. At all times, every effort will be made to secure suitable and generally acceptable alternative services of similar but not necessarily exactly the same category and price range, subject to availability.

The company cannot be held responsible for trip interruptions, cancellations or loss off revenues due to unrecoverable refunds caused by or resulting from circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to natural disasters like fire, flooding and lighting; social and political disturbances, acts of war and/or terrorism or guests’ personal or family emergencies requiring trip interruptions or cancellations emergencies. Whilst the company shall always strive to inform the guests of any such circumstances and help minimize any losses, it is to be noted that this is done as a courtesy and the company cannot be held responsible in any way for such circumstances beyond its control.


  1. A deposit equivalent to:
    25% of the Tour Package Price or
    the price of Gorilla Permits & Chimpanzee Permits (where applicable)
    Whichever is Greater is required to confirm a tour booking.
  2. The full balance is due 45 days before the tour start date.
  1. Full payment is required to confirm tours booked <35 days before their start date.

For any bookings cancelled and/or reduced in number after confirmation, the following Cancellation Policy applies:

At any time                              –           Gorilla Permits once bought are non-refundable
> 60days before start date      –           US$ 150 booking handling fee is charged
60-36 days before start date   –           20% of the applicable invoice amount
35-16 days before start date   –           50% of the applicable invoice amount
15-03 days before start date   –           75% of the applicable invoice amount
02-0 days before start date     –           100% of the applicable invoice amount/NO SHOW

In some instances, the company may propose and offer a Tour Package which includes accommodation in any specific hotel, lodge and/or camp whose Terms & Conditions exceed those envisaged here. In any such instances, the Company shall notify the Client of the existence of such special conditions in writing before payment of the initial deposit or as soon as reasonably possible after the company becomes aware of such special terms and conditions if they are new. The Client shall reserve the right to decline the offer should he/she feel the terms had changed beyond what they can agree to. In such a case, all other terms appertaining to unchanged services shall remain the same.

At any time, acceptance of, and payment of the stipulated deposit for a proposed Tour Package is considered to be in accordance with, and to signify understanding and acceptance to abide by the these Booking Terms & Conditions.

SafariDMC recommends to all her guests to buy appropriate Trip Interruption and Cancellation insurance policy to guard or help cushion losses in case of trip interruption or cancellation. Please contact one of our Safari Consultants should you need help in this regard.

We look forward to welcoming and hosting you on safari in Africa!!


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