Chimpanzee Habituation

Arise at dawn with coffee/tea and cookies then with breakfast boxes and packed lunches proceed to the park offices for the incredible Chimpanzee Habituation Experience. After a briefing, proceed to the trail-head for the start of an amazing, adrenalin filled all day excursion in the company of chimpanzee researchers, trackers, guides and scientists as they go out in the footsteps of one family of chimpanzee they are habituating.

You start your day with the chimps as they de-nest (awake) btwn 06:00 and 06:30 am and spend all day with them as they go about their daily life; searching for food, playing, resting, grooming, copulating, raising their young, patrolling and displaying until it is time to nest (building new nests around 07:00 pm). As you hike and enjoy the rain forest, your crew will mesmerize you with their stories of life in the forest, the chimps, their lives, family, social groups, hierarchy, leadership, romances, searching for food, protecting territory and so much more. You will also enjoy observing, studying, mimicking and interacting with the chimps as well as lovely discussions with the researchers and comparing notes; living a moment, even if just for a day, in the ‘shoes’ of a chimpanzee, man’s genetically and socially closest relative; you will be amazed at the similarities, as well as the differences, like that all their four knuckled limbs have grasping hands (are they four legged or four armed?), their incredibly large and sharp canines, they are omnivores, how really strong they are almost 4x as a grown man with amazing speed and agility.

In the meantime, the Chimps will be learning to tolerate people in their vicinity and the family will soon be ‘opened’ to regular tourist visits for tracking. At the end of a very experiential, educational and enjoyable day, you will return to lodge for a deserved shower, dinner and a wonder-filled night.

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