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Enjoy the INCREDIBLE #Gorilla #Habituation Experience in #Bwindi Impenetrable National Park #UGANDA!, a one of a kind wildlife activity like no other. Gorilla Habituation is a long and delicate process, usually taking up to 3 or even 5yrs with specialized researchers and scientists. Initially wild, aggressive and potentially dangerous to humans, the process entails a controlled, gradual and incremental introduction of human presence to a specific gorilla family until they learn to tolerate people in their vicinity, albeit at a distance.

Arise at dawn for an early breakfast then transfer to the Park Offices where you meet with the Gorilla Habituation Team of Researcher and Scientists. After a briefing, proceed to trail head where you begin your day long hike spending time with the semi-habituated Rushaga Gorilla Group that is still undergoing habituation. The activity may entail hiking and trekking long distances up and down Bwindi’s valleys and ridges in sometimes wet or muddy conditions for up to 3hrs to and fro and a further 4hrs(!) spent with the Gorillas. This may be difficult; a reasonable degree of fitness and/or preparation is thus required.

Specific day by day activities may include controlled approach as well as mimicking gorilla behavior and sounds including feeding, climbing, sleeping, chest thumping and cowing to inculcate in them that human presence does not portend danger. Specific observations and research on the gorillas is also done for record keeping as well as conservation purposes. In the meantime, the gorillas themselves will be going about their own daily life; feeding, playing, nursing, taking care of their young seemingly oblivious but definitely curious of your presence too.

It is an incredible experience whose, a magical and potentially life changing experience that you may not ever forget. Afterwards, you will hike back to base to rejoin your driver for the transfer back to the lodge. You will arrive back late afternoon/early evening in time for a refreshing shower, dinner and overnight.

NB: Currently, this activity is only available with the Rushaga Gorilla Family in the Southern Bwindi area called Nkuringo. Introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority in 2014, current charges are USD 1,500 per person for a day’s trek. A maximum number of 4 persons per day are allowed on the excursion; advance booking is required. Maximum time allowed with the gorillas is 4hrs. Participants require to carry identification documents, water proof hiking boots/gators, long pants and long sleeved tops to protect from stinging nettles, a rain poncho, a water proof bag for your camera equipment & ID documents as well as mineral water and a lunch pack. The park provide walking sticks for all but some persons are free to bring their own. Porters, to help carry your items, are available from a local cooperative society at a supplement fee.

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