Gorilla Tracking

bwindi-gorillasYou arise at dawn for an early breakfast then transfer to the Park offices for your Gorilla Tracking excursion, arguably one of the most genuinely breathtaking wildlife experiences in the world. At the park office, all participants are brought together, divided into groups of 8, allocated a gorilla family to track as well as a specialist gorilla tracking guide then, at 0830hrs: briefing by your guide then transferred by car to the trail-head where the trekking begins.

Gorilla tracking entails hiking long distances in steep and sometimes wet and muddy vegetation and can be tiring. For the best experience, participants are advised to pace themselves, and follow your guide’s advice at all times. As you enter the forest however, it is stunning and magical fairytale world of diverse features and creatures with ancient trees, lobelias, many birds and butterflies species, as well as primates and other mammals. And your specialist guide, many of whom have lived in this forest for years and years, always makes it more interesting and enjoyable with tales about the forest, its inhabitants and secrets of its hidden treasures; did you know that gorillas are vegetarians, they do not drink water (!) and a fully grown male (silverback) can be as strong as 8 men (?), and so much.

Upon sighting the gorillas, participants are allowed to stay with them for one simply unforgettable hour as they go about their daily life – so like us; resting, feeding, playing, raising their young, climbing, mating; always seemingly oblivious of our presence but definitely curious.

But the hour is always over ‘too soon’ and you hike back to base where your driver will be waiting to transfer you back to the lodge for a well-deserved shower and lunch or relaxation then dinner depending on time of return.

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