Maasai Cultural Village

Join your guide on a visit to a Maasai cultural Village (manyatta) where you mix and mingle with this proud and aloof tribes-people whose captivating culture, customs and traditions have not changed for over 300 yrs. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed with traditional music and dance then led by a Village Guide on a tour of the homestead; hear and learn about Maasai myths, beliefs, culture, customs and traditions; how families are formed, births, rites of passage, their cattle-based economy (the more the cattle, the wealthier the man) and it influences marriage and polygamy; enter their houses and see how they live their day to day life, what they eat; their unusual but very healthy diet of milk and blood as well as the traditional conservation and how they have successfully coexisted with the wild animals for ages. At the end of the tour, you will also have an opportunity to join in the traditional music and dance performance by the women and the morans who catapult from the ground to heights above 6 feet!; an altogether very informative and experiential tour that we recommend. You will then say goodbyes and proceed to your next destination

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