Night Game Drive

At dusk, join your Guide and Armed Ranger in an open Land Rover and go out on the rare and unique Night Game Drive in search of leopard, hyenas, civet cats, hippos and other nocturnal animals that prowl the wilderness’ nights. With just a spot light and your car headlamps illuminating the wild game’s eye-shine, you are also likely to spot lions, elephants, buffalo, antelopes and other mammals; most animals tend to remain active in the cooler weather and quietness right after dusk and it is a wonderful time to see predators hunt.

A night game drive, in moonlight or pitch darkness surrounded by the mystery of the African night and the stars above, is a unique and memorable experience quite different from what you see by day. Flickers, silhouettes, dashes and ruffles in the bush herald many surprises and memorable encounters; you never know what will come next. No other activity more epitomizes the romance of the African bush – just you, and the wilderness; no distractions. The tour may culminate with a sumptuous Bush Dinner under the stars (extra charge), or just return to lodge for a late dinner then overnight.

NB: night game drives, while possible in a variety of locations around East Africa, are disallowed in the major national parks where activities within the park are limited to dawn to dusk (6am to 6.30pm). The activity is however on offer in several private game reserves and ranches in Kenya and Tanzania as well as in Lake Mburo National Park (Uganda) and Lake Manyara National Park (Tanzania) as well as community game ranches on the periphery Amboseli National wildlife Park and Maasai Mara National wildlife Reserve.

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