Nyungwe Forest Lodge to re-open as One&Only Nyungwe House

Nyungwe Forest Lodge to re-open as One&Only Nyungwe House

Nyungwe Forest Lodge in Rwanda’s Nyungwe forest National Park which has been under renovation and upgrading for some months is set to re-open in July 2017 under a new name, One&Only Nyungwe House. Together with the former Gorillas Nest Lodge in Kinigi, the properties have been acquired by One&Only Resorts, a global hotels brand which also runs hotels in South Africa and Mauritius, and rebranded One&Only Nyungwe House and One&Only Gorillas Nest. As the sole high end property in Nyungwe National Park, the re-opening of One&Only Nyungwe House has been eagerly awaited and will come as a great relief. One&Only Gorillas Nest is expected to re-open in 2018

REF: Afadhali, J.P. (2017) Global hotel brand bags Nyungwe, Gorilla lodges, The East African, May 6   2017,  Available at: http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/Rwanda/News/1433218-3915812-item-1-yh18yr/index.html, Accessed 09th May 2017.
One&Only Nyungwe House, https://www.oneandonlyresorts.com/one-and-only-nyungwe-house-rwanda

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2 thoughts on “Nyungwe Forest Lodge to re-open as One&Only Nyungwe House

  1. Julie Burke

    The name change is disappointing. I stayed there and the Forest Lodge name is more appropriate. Otherwise, a beautiful lodge.

    9 months ago Reply

    1. Andrew Nganga

      hi Julie, the name is shocking; who on earth calls a lodge a name like that one. they might be trying to compete with Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel for bad name of a lodge award. but it is a beautiful property nevertheless, the former that is

      9 months ago Reply

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