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South Africa land of many Colors is one the most popular tourism destinations in Africa with millions visiting to enjoy the sunshine, the wildlife, adventure, beaches, water-sports, the wine lands, business, M.I.C.E., shopping, sports, entertainment and culture. 

South Africa, land of many colors, and the iconic Nelson Mandela, is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Africa with millions visiting every year to enjoy the sunshine, wildlife infested national parks, beautiful beaches with water sports and adventure activities from diving, deep sea fishing, rafting, bungee jumping, zip lining, cable cars, horse riding; the wine lands tours, business, MICE, shopping, entertainment, culture and other urban tourism to Johannesburg which have made the SA capital the most visited city in Africa.

The flagship Kruger National Park guarantees sightings of all the African Big-5 mammals including rhinos, elephant, lions, leopard and buffalo as well as other terrestrials; reptiles, birds and butterflies. The resort town of Cape Town is an international haunt for beach lovers and water-sports enthusiasts. So are the wine lands, the Kalahari to the north-west, business travel, M.I.C.E., shopping trips, sports and the iconic Nelson Mandela.

These, as well as a well-established tourism infrastructure with excellent roads, well managed national wildlife parks, high class hotels, an international standard customer service, the OR Tambo International Standard Airport frequented by major international airlines and a great national carrier, South African Airways, have combined to make South Africa accessible, attractive and a most sought after tourism destination. Together with her stunning neighbors Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, the entire southern Africa region is a tourism magnet to the world.

The OR Tambo International Airport is the principal gateway to South Africa. It is frequented by almost all major international airlines including the efficient and reliable national carrier, South African Airways. Together, they have played a big part in making South Africa attractive, affordable and easy to access for the international tourist including direct flights to the US.Most Visitors to South Africa require a Visa – please reconfirm with your Travel Agent at the time of booking.A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required. 

Kruger National Park is South Africa’s largest and most popular game reserve as well as one of the largest in Africa. It is home to over 147 species of African large mammals, far more than any other game reserve in Africa, including large numbers of all of the Big-5 (Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard), giraffes, antelopes, cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles as well as the endangered African wild dog. Over 114 reptile species and 33 species of Amphibians are also found as well as over 515 species of birds including bird life’s “Big-6 Six” i.e. the lappet-faced vulture, martial eagle, saddle-billed stork, kori bustard, ground hornbill and the reclusive Pel’s fishing owl, which is endemic and rare. Situated in the north eastern corner of the country and enclosed by the Limpopo River to the north, Lebombo mountains to the east natural boundary with Mozambique) and Crocodile River to the south, the 19,485 km², 360 km long (north to south) and 65 km wide (east to west) national park was first protected in 1898 and gazette-d as South Africa’s first National Park in 1926. Together with Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou National Park and Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park both of which it borders, they form the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

The resort town of Cape Town is an international haunt for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts including deep sea fishing, diving; rafting, bungee jumping and zip lining. The wine lands  are also a popular attraction.

The South African capital has become a tourism attraction in her own right with many visiting for business, shopping, medical tourism, sightseeing, philanthropy and other urban tourism including a wide array of high class hotels and entertainment industry all of which have made Johannesburg the most visited city in Africa.

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