the Batwa Experience

Join your driver/guide and a Village Guide on the Batwa Experience, a hike up Uganda’s Virunga or Bwindi mountain forests for a cultural encounter with the diminutive Batwa pygmy people; a hunter/gatherer community who were the original inhabitants of Bwindi and the Virungas which covers Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo until they were evicted when the areas were declared national parks. You will have an opportunity to visit and tour their traditional homesteads, mix and mingle with the village folk, learn about their age old culture, customs and ancient life in the central African jungle, enter their little houses to see how they live their daily life, try your hand at mock ‘hunting’ with traditional bows and arrows, enjoy traditional javelin and archery as well as their rather captivating traditional music and dance. You will then hike back to base and proceed to your next activity/destination. NB: This activity is only available in Uganda. It takes 3 to 4hrs in Bwindi, but might take longer in Mgahinga National Park.

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