UGANDA: 4th in the World / BEST in Africa

UGANDA: 4th in the World / BEST in Africa

Destination Uganda began the New Year, 2017 on a high note being voted 4th Best Tourism Destination in the World(!) (and the BEST Africa) in the @RoughGuides Awards 2017 ( It is a deserved honor celebrated by all who know the destination as she slowly reclaims the top-in-Africa position she has held for centuries; from the time of Greek cartographer Claudius Ptolemy who christened the Rwenzoris “mountains of the moon”, to explorer Henry Morton Stanley who, amazed by Uganda’s natural beauty christened it the Pearl of Africa. US President Theodore Roosevelt conducted much of his now infamous African Hunting cum Specimen Collection Tour for the Smithsonian Museum in north-western Uganda; the latter day father of India Mahatma Gandhi’s request that his ashes shall be scattered at the source of the River Nile in Jinja, Uganda.

Throughout history, Uganda has had her special place confirmed by all who have marveled at her stunning natural beauty and country-sides, a mind boggling array of amazing tourism attractions including sightings of the African Big-5 (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo) as well as 2 of the Great Apes (chimpanzees and mountain gorillas), incredible ancient cultures and, as they say, amazing and reputedly the world’s most hospitable people; so much wonder, that the country still remains relatively unknown, and much misunderstood. But not after you’ve seen her magic for yourself… a classic love at first sight.

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